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Who We Are…

We roamed the Earth each on our separate missions until The Fates crossed our paths.

She…, swam in formless waters devouring all that she could seize; mourning the loss of her powers so the new universe could be created.  A Demon Goddess roaming the world demanding human sacrifice in order to feast upon their hearts. The beautiful child of Jupiter, the freedom of choice, the purpose of the cosmic cycles…, the sinister chaos.

He…, was the expansion of heaven on Earth, the collapse of plasma; the veil that breathed forgiveness and vengeance all for love’s sake.  The Angel of the Heart, the Morning Star.  The child of Venus, dark beauty and sexuality, the evil and angelic…, the lust, desire and unbridled love.

And then our paths crossed and the prophecy began to unravel.

The purpose for the cosmic cycles opened its Gates and called forth the renewal of the Original Triad.

Continually reborn, immortal and, all powerful, the Pantheon gates flung open and watched as the Triad was renewed and recreated by the birth of our Love, the dark female force.

We, are the Chaos and Love at the beginning and the end of time… the keepers of the Pantheon, the rulers of the Order of the Nine Angles.  The original path between Jupiter and Venus …creators of the triad with the Moon.